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March 3, 2016 - March 13, 2016 | Geneva, Switzerland


This was DREAMFLEET’s first attendance of this Motor Show – and was it spectacular! Approximately 700,000 people attend this show annually and is located adjacent to the Geneva International Airport making a fly-in/fly-out attendance possible if enroute to another European location. By comparison with the Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto, the Geneva show is approx. 3 times the footprint. And virtually every automobile manufacturer in the world is represented.
There were numerous World Premiers as well as many very exotic vehicles showcased.

Enjoy the gallery of images below.

Featured Above. The US$2.5M Bugatti Chiron and it’s 8.0/16cyl 1,500hp engine. The Bentley VIP booth and the new Bentayga that starts at US$230,000. Next the Infiniti booth, followed by the US$1.9M Lamborghini Centanario. The Porsche stand with the vintage 718 that is the marketing tie in to the redo of Porsche’s Boxster and Cayman as they will employ 4 cylinder turbocharged engines. Next Porsche 911 R, the ultimate 911 for purists. Hyundai’s stand to give you a sense of the design spend at this show. The new Ferrari introduced the GTC4Lusso, a 4 seater shooting-brake (hatchback) model. Some foam rocks to rest your weary butt on; the huge LCD dash in the new Mercedes-Benz E-class; and the Corvette Grad Sport. Audi premiered the Q2, a new urban sized SUV and showed the gen2 R8 amongst a raft of vehicles. Aston Martin premiered the gorgeous new US$200,000+ DB11. VW wraps up our gallery with their pint-sized Up!