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DreamFleet Certified

A Higher Standard of Disclosure and Certification

DreamFleet offers a Certification Program for its select pre-owned vehicles similar in rigor to the premium car OEM Certification programs. The objective of our program is not only to assure the safety of our buyers but to target a repair free experience for at least 6 months of average use (10,000 kms) from your purchase.

Although we can never predict all mechanical failures, our program identifies components showing a level of wear or spec tolerance that suggests a repair might be necessary in the next 6 to 12 months, and we undertake those repairs proactively.

Further, if issues are identified that fall under an existing warranty, we will facilitate those warranty repairs to save you the time and trouble.

We go beyond visual inspections and measurements and include an extensive road test to probe performance and driveability aspects.

Some thresholds a DreamFleet Certified vehicle must exceed.

  • Tires & Brakes: Min 10,000 kms of life.  No performance or safety impacting imperfections
  • Suspension: Components and tolerances expected to remain within spec for a min 10,000 kms.
  • No visible fluid leaks or abnormal exhaust noise
  • All capabilities functional – no lights on dash
  • Extensive road test – No abnormal handling, tracking, braking, vibration or noises
  • Scheduled maintenance up to date (in accordance with factory recommendations) – nothing due within the next month.

NOTE: All minimums are based on average use


Standardized Inspections & Condition Grading


DreamFleet is the first automotive retailer to adopt the TruCondition™ vehicle condition inspection and grading system.

TruCondition™ is a condition grading solution that utilizes a standardized inspection procedure and rating scheme. It empowers consumers to quickly and reliably compare vehicles and make value-based purchase decisions.

Look for the TruCondition™ badge in our vehicle listings to quickly determine its condition and click on the badge to review the detailed report.