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Lease or Finance

Flexible and Convenient

Lease to Own

Experience your dream vehicle in tune with your lifestyle with our unique 3 – 24 month ‘lease to own’ programs.

Benefit Cases:

Want your dream car within a monthly business allowance?

  • Devise a custom 24 month term that fits within a monthly business expense, with a buy out that makes accounting sense.

Possibility of a job change or relocation?

  • Exit the lease when necessary based on a market value determination – with no penalty. We’ll take back the vehicle or market it for you. Compared to owning, you’ve saved the sales tax on the residual value.

Unsure a vehicle will work for you long term?

  • Lease for a 6 month term. If you decide to keep it, purchase at the Residual/Buyout – you’ve managed your risk with no penalty. If you want something different, we’ll take back the vehicle based on a market value determination or market it for you.

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Competitive financing offered by our finance partners.

Benefit Cases:

Want the lowest possible monthly payment and expect to keep the vehicle long term?

  • Finance for 72 months at a fixed rate.

Expect your cashflow to improve over the next few years?

  • Finance for 60 months at a flexible rate – pay down or payout your loan at any time without penalty. Manage within your current cashflow and reduce interest payments when possible.

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