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Purchasing Remote

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In a remote sale it is paramount that the specification and condition of a vehicle be disclosed fully. This is as important to DreamFleet as it is to you, as any post sale resolution is more complex and costly.

Descriptions and photos of any deficiencies, even minor ones, are provided to ensure there are no surprises when your car arrives at your destination or when you’ve arrived at our location.

The TruCondition™ vehicle inspection and grading system will be adopted for vehicle disclosure and condition assurance, in the near future.

Vehicle Delivery

We can have your vehicle delivered to most places in Canada. Costs and conditions vary depending on the type of transport and location.

  • Driven – DreamFleet delivers to your location
  • Open Transport – Flat bed or multi-car Carrier
  • Rail – Cost effective for greater distances (semi enclosed)
  • Enclosed Transport – Most Expensive and Most Secure

Contact DreamFleet for a transport quote.

Vehicle Certification

Unless declared ‘AS-IS’, every DreamFleet vehicle is being sold Safety Certified to Provincial standards at the advertised price, whether sold in Ontario or another Province. Here’s how we do this.


  • Ontario Safety Certification and e-test are completed
  • Plating and registration undertaken by DreamFleet – Service Ontario costs are collected from buyer


  • SAAQ Inspection is completed in Gatineau (QC)
  • Plating and registration undertaken by buyer

Other Provinces

  • DreamFleet warrants applicable inspection pass
  • Provincial inspection undertaken by buyer – $100 credit
  • Plating and registration undertaken by buyer

Sales Taxes

DreamFleet is required to collect taxes based on the jurisdiction the sale is deemed to take place in. Examples.

Quebec resident takes delivery in Ontario and drives it home (temporary plate provided)

  • 13% HST collected – Buyer submits for 8% PST (ON) refund
  • 9.975% QST payable upon SAAQ registration in Quebec

Quebec resident takes delivery in Quebec – registered in Gatineau (QC) or shipped to your home

  • 5% GST collected
  • 9.975% QST payable upon SAAQ registration in Quebec

Alberta resident takes delivery in Alberta (temporary plate provided)

  • 5% GST collected
  • No additional taxes due on Alberta registration

Contact DreamFleet to confirm your specific scenario.